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Located at a beautiful corner in Elk Grove, CA 95624, Roah Cosmetics and Lashes is a beauty Lash Lounge for everyone, as we always try our best to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Our Lash Lounge takes pride in providing our valued customers good services and top-high quality products as well as materials. You can find a variety of services, from Classic to Hybrid Full set. At Roah Cosmetics and Lashes, a wide choice is provided to customers, so you can use any services that you like. All of our services are at decent prices, so there is no hesitation when you use one or even more services at our Lash Lounge.

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Hemali M

Great service, gentle applications, very dean, professional, and staff are super friendly.



Phong L

I've been going to Fi before her grand opening and all I have to say is Fi does such a good job with my lashes!. I rarely get extensions done but if I do it was only for special occasions. Ever since going to her. been going there every 3/4 weeks now:) The lashes do not irritate or bother me at all, it's lightweight (I do the hybrid/volume extension), she works in a timely matter and we also have fun chit-chatting about stuff. She’s such a nice and friendly person overall. Her salon is clean, neat, and organized. She has a lot of makeup, brushes, and false lashes for a reasonable price, so check Roah Salon out:)



Mildred R

Highly recommend getting your lashes done by Fi. She takes her time and ensures that her work reflects the look you were wanting to achieve. This was my first time getting a volume set and she really took the time to go over everything with me from length, shape, thickness, and overall care. I am definitely satisfied with the overall look and will be coming back to her for future lash fills/sets.
This picture does not do her job on my lashes any justice, but she does amazing work! Thanks, Fi!




Excellent! By far the best lash extensions I have ever had. Lashes look beautiful, natural, and last for a long time. Roah is very informational and nice. I plan to be a solid customer for a long time to come.



Leeann K

Fi is my favorite eyelash person to go to! I always feel treated with care and love how natural it feels and looks :) definitely the most understanding and flexible with booking appointments as well, love her!!! Always willing to work late to work with my tight schedule since I come all the way from San Jose for her to do my lashes I appreciate her and recommend her to everyone who compliments my lashes!! These are just some pictures of how nice and natural they are with/without makeup!!



Katerina C

I cannot say enough good things about Fi. Fi is the owner and man does she have talent!!!! She was so extremely sweet to start with. She fit me in right away even though she had a really busy schedule and spent over 3 hours doing my lashes to make sure she gets them right!! Almost every single lash place I have gone to I've left with uneven lashes and was always blamed because "my eyelashes are different on both sides". HELLO! OF COURSE, THEY ARE!!! NOTHING IS IDENTICAL ON A HUMAN BODY!! But right when I got in with Fi she asked me what was important to me and even went on to explain that most lash techs don't work with many Asian eyes and we Asians have difficult but not impossible lashes. So homegirl legit sat there. FOR OVER 3 HOURS. To do my lashes. I seriously LOVE Fi. I left with almost identical even lashes!!!! AND my lashes have barely fallen out (my lashes would fall out with other lash techs and I would need a full fill within a week and a half. I’ve had these babies on for a week and a half and I think 3 have fallen off by themselves so far from both eyes)!!!!!!!!!!! BONUS. She is the only person I've met that does LOWER EYELASH EXTENSIONS!!!!!!!!!!! GO TO HER!!!!!!



Ticha A

I have been with Fi from the beginning of her lash journey and have to say that she has gotten better and better. Each visit with her I'm always left feeling like a brand new girl. She makes sure you feel comfortable and tries to make the experience as relaxing as possible and the best thing is that it’s affordable for all. Love



Gemma L

Fi does an amazing job! She knows what she's doing and talks to you about what she's doing. I've gone to others in the past that haven't done a great job by using cluster lashes instead of individuals which ruin the outcome and how long your lashes stay. I highly recommend this place for quality individual lashes!




I have been with Fi from the beginning of her lash journey and have to say that she has gotten better and better. Each visit with her I'm always left feeling like a brand new girl. She makes sure you feel comfortable and try to make the experience as relaxing as possible and the best thing is that it’s affordable for all!! Read less



Nicole P

I absolutely LOVE how she does lashes! She takes her time with them and they come out beautiful! This was my first time with ROAH Cosmetics and I will definitely be back! I've had my first set on for two weeks now and people give me compliments and they don’t look sparse! I recommend her to all my friends




I've been going to this place for over a year and I love, love it. The owner or ah is very talented and professional. She takes her time on the eyelash extension and is very detail-oriented. My lashes last up to 6 weeks and it feels very natural. Highly recommend this place!



Dany C

I've been here a few times. They have a good variety of make-up. I've also gotten my lashes done here a few times and wanted to wait to write a review to see how well they would last. I've got the classic set and volume set and let me tell you!! They are BOMB! I've been to many places but she does the BEST job! I'm never going anywhere else!




Sofia did an amazing job! It did take 2.5 hours but it was well worth it. I got a lot of compliments from my friends and family. I definitely will be coming back for a fill. Thanks a bunch!



Lydia A

I have been getting my lash extensions done by owner Fi Roah for a couple of months now. She does a superb job. She takes her time and really cares about her work, and her customer's satisfaction. I look forward to my appointments with her, it's so relaxing and I leave looking and feeling fabulous!
Her shop is a direct reflection of how much she cares about her brand. The space had been empty for about 6 years (we own the studio next door). It looked like a dismal cave all those years. But she put her magic touch on the shop and it is now light, airy, clean, and comfortable.
I recommend Roah Cosmetics and Fi 100%. You will love her and her work too!
Oh, big bonus: just with the absence of putting on mascara, makeup is so much faster and easier now!